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The Diary Of A Pensionless Pensioner

The Diary Of A Pensionless Pensioner

The Descent Into Hell of just one of the millions of The 1950s Women who've been denied their pensions, without due notice, for SIX YEARS by UK government under David Cameron and George Osborne

Of Templates, Trauma And Torturers - AND, on my 62nd BIRTHDAY too!!

To follow the entire story, if you have the courage, please to go 'Home' page, then scroll down to start with  'Heartbreak' and work upwards.  You may need something STRONGER than Drrrrink tho'. This affects MILLIONS of women, not just me.

NEVER thought I'd be doing this on my 62nd BIRTHDAY!    

A POX upon ALL these Festering Feckers responsible, EVERY ONE of them!

So, I've given in and FINALLY done my first WASPI Template letter to The Torturous Bastards&Bitches at present running the country. (see below)  I changed it somewhat though, as I don't agree with some of the things stated in there and felt it FAR TOO POLITE when so many of us are in Deep Trauma due to what these FOOKING FOOKERS have done to us and CONTINUE to do to us, each and every day, swindling us out of our STATE pensions (!!) and embezzling OUR pension money,(!!!) day after day after day.

May they ALL Rot in Hell when their time comes, for they and they alone are wholly responsible for the genocide of MILLIONS of 1950s/1960s and 1970s women, about whom they care NOT A JOT whilst they wine and dine their Crooked Faces and their Crooked Souls to their Hearts' Desires, mega-wealthy, mega-corrupt, MEGA-BASTARDS & BITCHES, whose day WILL come, truly, it will.

You can find the WASPI Templates here: http://waspi.co.uk/dwp-template-letter

And, the Back To 60 petition here: (presently at 549,862, with over 10,000 signatures in last 24 hours alone. This petition is being IGNORED by WASPI for some reason. (!?!)



My letter to the DWP:


The Pension Service

Department for Work & Pensions

Caxton House

Tothill Street

London SW1H 9DA



10th April 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,

Formal Complaint

I am writing to complain about the amount of notice I was given in relation to the increase in State Pension age. I received a letter in 2009 when I was just 6 years away from my anticipated receipt of my State Pension at 60 years. This letter was ONLY sent to me in relation to my request for information on my NI contributions, as I had not long been divorced. As I was expecting my State Pension in 2015, imagine the shock to find it was now, 2020! This later changed to 2021 (!)


Had *I* not asked for those NI details, no letter at all would have been sent to me. (!!)

In 2009 I was ALREADY caring for Nanny, my ex-mother-in-law, who had lived with us during our marriage and was now living with me when I was divorced. She was, at this time, 95 years old.

I believe that the DWP is guilty of gross maladministration in the way the changes have been introduced.

My complaint centres on the fact that I did not receive clear, complete, consistent and accurate information relating to my State Pension and also, that I could NEVER have coped with any change to my State Pension age, nor should I EVER have been expected to either.

This was NOT about 'equality' at all, for govts KNOW that women earn FAR LESS than men, so they NEED their pensions earlier.

How could I possibly have made up the c£45,000 taken from me in this heinous way? I was a very low-paid Carer, Nanny needed me and even if I'd been able to find a full time job (which was impossible as Nanny needed a LOT of help) it would have been very low paid work indeed, and thus, no way would it ever have been possible for me to make up this amount.

My pension age was 60, as it was for ALL my generation of women and those who came after us too. We ALL had the SAME age, right up to those born before 1995 when this Act By Stealth was brought in.

It is utterly inhuman to put FIVE years upon anyone, let alone one more on top of this, making SIX, in 2012. There was NO need for it at all. There was NO austerity back then and it had NOTHING to do with 'equality' for it made WOMEN'S lives, financially, FAR worse than they were already having to endure.

The Cridland Report recommends that people should have 10 years notice for every extra year, thus, WE should have had SIXTY YEARS notice for the inhuman amount of years put upon our shoulders.

Does this not explain the stupidity and CRUELTY of what has been deliberately done to us?

Women are The Carers, The Mothers...we earn FAR LESS than men throughout our lives due to caring for our families. Governments ALL know this, yet, they decided to impoverish us **even more** by increasing our state pension age, apparently 'in the name of equality', when it actually made us even MORE INEQUAL, forcing many women into poverty, penury and total HELL, as has happened to me.

Clear evidence of the maladministration and inaccurate communication was publicly exposed on the government website itself, which still had 60 as the retirement age for women as recently as February 2016. Oh yes, THAT was a good one, wasn't it! Totally misleading, everywhere you looked....Even your own department still thought our age was 60, as it IS, as it always has been...as it must be again.

Further, I did not receive adequate notice of the changes, but this would not have helped, even if I had. I do not believe that the DWP stuck to its own standards in this instance i.e. to give 10 years or more notice of changes in relation to every one year of pension change.

As a consequence, I have been affected in the following ways:

  1. I have suffered a financial loss of approximately £45,000 to £50,000, plus my savings of £2,000 gone. It is far too late for me to take action that can restore me to the position I understood I would be in financially. I could NEVER have done so anyway, not EVER.


  1. I have suffered a HUGE injustice through an inability to make informed choices, and in having 5 years, then 6 years put upon me, although my choices, AS a woman, were VERY limited, as I became Nanny's Carer and cared for her for 15 years. I also cared for my Darlin' Dad for 3 years..and raised my two beloved children also.


  1. Further, I and my family have suffered a sense of outrage, ENORMOUS stress, TERRIFYING anxiety and Mind Boggling, Stomach Churning Uncertainty as a result of these INHUMAN changes. Worse than this, my health has suffered horrendously! I spiralled down into depression after I was no longer Nanny's Carer, being spat into the gutter by my country at the age of 61. I tried to get a job, but could not, due to my age. Depression sank deep inside me and I ended up on ESA, being 'assessed' like a slave, having to PROVE MYSELF to be ill. I CRIED all the way through my assessment! My diabetes spiralled OUT OF CONTROL and is still thus, for the one thing diabetics are NOT supposed to have, apart from sugar, is STRESS! I was put into the WRAG group, then, on appeal, moved to the Support Group. Before this, I was left to live on £10 a day for ALL in life, on the £73.10 initial ESA. I will be RE-ASSESSED in about a year's time, at *63* !! IF I pass this, I will STILL be RE-ASSESSED yet AGAIN when I am 64 1/2 and, if I pass *that* one, then possibly AGAIN if my assessment falls before my 66th Birthday!


I could WELL be put back on to £73.10 a week and I will hit rock bottom faster than you could say "Holey Shit!"


I am SUICIDAL over this. My GP knows this, I told my assessor this too, yet was STILL put into WRAG, having to appeal!


I have 44 YEARS of National Insurance, yet NO PENSION and have been sent to HELL.


I have had to use up my savings, which were only small, at £2,000, now down to just £60 and 0.33 in my ISA. (!!!) I have NO WAY of getting any of this back, thus, I cannot even BURY myself!


EVERY day is a battle to stay out of debt, thus the stress on me is BEYOND HUGE and to be honest, I now often have days when I do not see the point to my life any longer. I have another FOUR YEARS of this Torturous Trauma to get through. I do not think I will make it. I have asthma, (getting worse due to this intolerable stress) diabetes, (ditto) and arthritis in my fingers, making it hard to hold things and painful to bend my fingers. I have also been recently diagnosed with bilateral cataracts. Oh, JOY!! So, now I have future almost-blindness, then eye surgery, to add to the above, whilst DWP apparently still requires me to prove that I'm unwell, or, seek work!


Geezus! You could NOT make this bullshit up, you truly could not!!


The decision to put FIVE YEARS upon us, to SWINDLE us out of our pensions has impacted SO vastly upon my life (and those of MANY other women) that I cannot adequately put it into words.


We should NEVER have been brought into this nightmare, for our 'deal' with government was that we would pay in our NI to the correct amount and we would get our pensions AT 60. WE did. YOU didn't. WHY??????


This had been HONOURED by EVERY government since 1940. It should STILL have been honoured and MUST be so now.


That was the 'contract' with ALL women and had been so since 1940. Thus, there was absolutely NO NEED whatsoever to 'check' our pension age, as Richard Harrington DARED to so IGNORANTLY suggest recently, for the ONLY thing we'd have needed to check was HOW our pensions would be paid to us *not* WHEN.


We ALL KNEW we'd GET our pensions AT 60 because we'd lived our entire working lives KNOWING this and had NEVER been told otherwise, for the pension age had NEVER changed, for men or women, nor would we EVER have believed anyone would add YEARS and YEARS and YEARS and YEARS and YEARS to our agreed age.


You cannot, to use govt's own wording, be 'contracted out' of the State Pension, without first being 'contracted in'.


Our 'contract' was 60.


WE fulfilled our side of the contract, the government has NOT.




EVERY woman was contracted in to get her pension at 60. I cannot say this enough times. EVERY woman up to that now infamous 'secret' day in 1995 when Ken Clarke decided to change it, was given 60 as her State Pension age.


My brother got HIS pension at his contracted in age, which was 65. He'd lived his life, quite correctly, in the legal expectation of getting his pension at 65, which is precisely what happened. I'd lived mine, expecting mine at 60. I did NOT get mine, and was told in a 'throwaway manner' that I would have to wait SIX YEARS to get this, one of the lowest pensions in Europe too.


*I* have been utterly DISCRIMINATED against, as have ALL women contracted in to get their State Pensions at 60.


NO MAN has had this happen to them.


NO Man will EVER have SIX YEARS put upon THEM. Yet, WOMEN have.


Please note, it is SEVEN and EIGHT years for some of the women who come after us, despite them ALSO having been given 60.


This is such an EVIL CRIME that it beggars belief, it truly does.


I have NO OTHER SOURCE OF INCOME other than my state pension, due to divorce. I was NOT told by my lawyers when I divorced, that my state pension age would be 65 (as it was then, it now being 66) I've been told even the LAWYERS had not been informed. (!!)


The Ombudsman has previously ruled that people need to be made aware of risks they face so that they can take steps to avoid or least reduce them.


Most of us could NEVER have coped with such an age increase, NEVER.




I had a one year old son in 1995, and an 8 year old daughter and was soon to become Nanny's carer, so HOW was I supposed to cope, please? EXPLAIN this to me, please.


I believe that in this instance, the DWP has failed to stick to its own standards, in any way whatsoever (!!) and has been guilty of GROSS maladministration by failing to alert people to the precariousness of their position sufficiently early to enable them to arrange their financial affairs differently, although, as stated above, most of us could simply NEVER have been able to cope with age increases at all.


I would like a FULL and DETAILED explanation as to WHY this has happened and WHY my life has been so BRUTALLY IMPLODED due to these shocking pension age increases being done to women (by STEALTH) in the most heartless, brutal and misogynistic way I've ever seen, no thought nor care, not an iota of either, being shown towards the IMPACT this could have, would have, and HAS had upon the majority of us.

We should NEVER have been brought into this and these increases should NEVER have happened in the first place, for women NEED their pensions earlier, due to earning so much less than men in their lifetimes!

I not only want my pension back FROM 60, please, as per the contract agreement with government, which has been in place with women since 1940, but, I also want £compensation for loss of nearly all my savings, save for the pathetic amount of £60, which will go soon too, and my health, my health which I can NEVER get back, for the damage done to me by my diabetes spiralling out of control due to this evil can't EVER be put right again.

Together with the above, I want you to explain, in DETAIL, why you feel you have the RIGHT to SWINDLE me, to place FIVE YEARS upon my pension age, then SIX, to EMBEZZLE *MY* state pension money, to leave me in this shocking state, to behave in such a CRIMINAL WAY towards us, and to place me inside Iain Duncan Smith's now brutally evil Welfare State which is literally KILLING people.

For me, this is not just about GROSS Maladministration, but it's also about Gross Negligence Manslaughter, for this is driving, and will continue to drive, many women to their deaths, either by their health spiralling down, purely due to what you have done to us, or by ending their own lives, unable to continue in the hell they're in, having to sell their belongings to stay out of debt, and/or sell their homes, or becoming homeless entirely... I had to sell my bed and my tumble drier to pay bills...yes, TRULY!

Every day, I wake up in tears, in torment, in shock, in disbelief at what has been done to me, after a lifetime of doing the right thing, of caring for my family, of saving this country a FORTUNE after 18 YEARS of being a Carer to parents...only to be BRUTALLY BETRAYED in the sunset of my life, to end my days in illness and in penury.

Today is my 62nd birthday...it should be the start of the 3rd year of my retirement. The BEST years of it. It is, instead, just another gruesome day to endure, to simply 'get through', to spend in deep anxiety and massive anger at the heinous crime done to me, to all other women, by those who have safeguarded their VAST Pensions and their VAST salaries and who do not care if we live or die.

Please respond to me in full and with speed. And please, at least grant me the courtesy, after all that you've done to me, of NOT sending me a 'standard' letter which says NOTHING at all, but instead, sending me a detailed explanation as to why you think what you have done is right, in ANY way at all.

Thank you

Lizzie <<<<<




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