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The Diary Of A Pensionless Pensioner

The Diary Of A Pensionless Pensioner

The Descent Into Hell of just one of the millions of The 1950s Women who've been denied their pensions, without due notice, for SIX YEARS by UK government under David Cameron and George Osborne

Of Strong And Stable Tories-The Devil's Own Christians

To read all chapters of this Sorry Tale, go to 'home' page, scroll down to 'Heartbreak' (reading over 230 comments from other women affected thus) then, work up. You may need alcohol.



So, let's get a Little Religiousy, shall we?  (with a bit of humour, albeit humour gets harder to find each and every day at present...and rest assured, I asked Jesus first before posting this and he was fine about it. ;0) ..) 

You see, I think Jesus is in even more despair than normal at present.


Because he's watching The Vicar's Daughter spewing forth Lie Upon Tory Lie, in total denial of what her Evil Party is doing to The People of The United Kingdom.

Now, Jesus, apparently, has been told to deal with her, because God can no longer think straight, aghast that A Vicar's Daughter could be so UN-Christian and sensing his Arch Rival, Devi The Devil, might be having A Bit Of A Larf at present...

God feels that Jesus is JUST the person to sort this mess out, he being so Loving, so Giving...and... the kind of guy who doesn't have a problem hanging out with Prostitutes and Peasants, seeing himself merely as one of The People, one of God's Own, as they were too.

Poor Jesus, EVERY night he has to listen to The Patronizing Prayers Of The Vicar's Daughter and...well, from what I hear, he's pretty darn close to undoing a VERY large bottle of Jack Daniels that he was given on his birthday a long time back.

Why, you can almost imagine those prayers...

- Dear God, help me!  I need to siphon off as much money as possible to My Tribe, they being The Bankers, My Fellow Tory Politicians, The Corporate Bastards, The Private Pensions Industry...and I need to do it FAST, before the General Election result comes in!  HOW do I do it!  And Brexit, HOW do I do THAT? -

.....floating Heavenwards each night.


The Angels send Jesus 'Angel Mail', and they're keeping a long list of what The Strong and Stable Tories have been doing these past years,  their wings almost falling off in horror:

Stealing From The Poor To Give To The Rich

Sanctioning The Poor

Leaving Them With NO Money

Telling Dying People They're Fit To Work

Tearing Apart The National Health Service

Removing The Cars Of Severely Disabled People

Getting People With No Legs/Arms To Prove They're Disabled (enough)

STEALING 6/7 YEARS of STATE Pensions From ALL Women Given 60 As SP Age

Stealing The Pensions Of Miners, Firefighters, Police, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers

Increasing State Pension Ages So People DIE Before Getting Their SP

Forcing People In Their 60s Into Job Centres or Ill Health

Removing £30 A Week ESA For Sick People In WRAG

Forcing The Vulnerable, Unemployed, Unwell And Elderly To Live On £73.10 Week

Making Everyone On Benefits Pay % Of Council Tax Whilst Starving Councils Of Money

Forcing Many To BECOME Homeless

Letting The Homeless REMAIN Homeless

Forcing People Into Suicide Due To All/Some Of The Above


The Angel's List goes on and on...and on.....and they cry so, *so* many tears, which Fall As Gentle Rain down upon Mother Earth....

Jesus is crying too....for never before has he seen such Cruelty in a Government of these shores....and he was convinced that The British 'had it right', with our wonderful Welfare State and National Health Service.

He's also crying because of The Other List which The Angels have....which shows how these Strong And Stable Tories are protecting themselves...


Huge Protected Pensions Rising Each Year - Giving Them Strength & Stability

Huge Salaries Which Just Get Bigger - Giving Them Strength & Stability

Huge Expenses Which Just Increase & Increase - Giving Them Strength & Stability

Family Members Working For Them Also On Huge Salaries - Giving Them Strength & Stability

Tax Payer Funded Food & Drink - Giving Them Strength & Stability

Often, Inherited Homes & Fortunes - Giving Them Strengh & Stability

The Old School Network - Giving Them Strength & Stability

Vested Interests In Selling Off The National Health Service -  Giving Them Strength & Stability


And again, this List too is endless......


Whilst their People suffer, whilst they proclaim "There Is No Money!", their leader, The Vicar's Daughter, poses in her £1,000 trousers, (the media informed of this by another (hypocritical) Tory, a colleague who loves Handbags Worth £Hundreds) saying she will spend £ENDLESS £BILLIONS on Trident, saying she will wipe out millions of fellow humans if needs be, more £ENDLESS £BILLIONS on HS2, so we can get to a place we can ALREADY get to by train, but 30 minutes faster,(!!) on Hinkley Point, on Wars, on Weapons, on helping The Rich whilst Shafting The Poor.

Jesus spent his life telling people to LOVE each other, to take CARE of those less fortunate, the sick, the needy, the poor...to Love, Love, LOVE and to put others first, never yourselves...and ALWAYS those you put 'first' are the ones who need HELP the MOST.

He doesn't understand how his Message Of Constant Love has been TWISTED into one of Constant Cruelty now...by those who DARE to call themselves 'Christians'....

I think he may well have watched them in shock, Putting Out Policies which Hurt & Harm, which Distress To Death.






and all the others professing to follow him......


He knows that Devi The Devil gets inside the minds of many...and he spins Good into Bad, making these people do TERRIBLY CRUEL things to others, whilst saying they are HELPING them, that they are 'Christians'...and it makes Jesus feel Beyond Pissed Off.....

He feels that Devi is winning at the moment...and he has a terror that if these Devil's Own Christians get back into power their Cruelty will be UNSTOPPABLE, that they will UNLEASH HORROR upon these shores, the likes of which has never been since it was taken to Other Shores, so long ago, by Evil Folks who hid under the banner of his name too....

Thus, he is trying to get ALL of us to Awaken As Never Before, to DEFEAT Devi and his Army Of Strong & Stable, Devil's Own Christian Tories before they finally DESTROY ALL that we once held dear, held to be SACRED, which made us, US!  Before they destroy you, me, those we love.  Before they destroy everything they can, leaving The Next Seven Generations in A Country Which Seeks Only Cruelty At All Times.

You see, Jesus has been fighting Devi for a very, VERY long time now and he knows his Cunning, Devious, Inhuman Ways...

That's WHY he's backing The People's Leader...to pick up The Sword of Light & Might and Hold It High for ALL to see, to defeat all Treacherous, Traitorous Vicars' Daughters, and those who've willingly sold their souls to Devi The Devil, in order that they may Dress In Designer Clothes & Live The Life Of The Strong & Stable..

You see, The People's Leader doesn't give a damn if his tie is straight, nor his suit shabby, but he cares DEEPLY about YOU, about your children, about turning this country around, from Cruel To Kind again, about saving OUR National Health Service, about supporting Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters, Police, Teachers, Parents, The Sick, The Disabled, The Unemployed, The Vulnerable, The Elderly...and we Pensionless Pensioners...

He's happy to hang out with we Peasants you see, for he regards us as equals...

The Vicar's Daughter, meanwhile, seeks refuge from We, The People, seemingly hating, loathing, DESPISING Ordinary People.

Now, it seems to me that ONE of these leaders has The Values of Jesus and Buddha going on here..

And ONE has The Values of Devi.....

The real meaning of a Strong and Stable Country, you see, of a Strong and Stable Government is one where those who need the MOST Support, the MOST LOVE, are always, always, ALWAYS put FIRST, above all others.....and that there is always a Welfare State there to SUPPORT them, not to DEGRADE them, nor PUNISH them.

It is a Country, a Government which puts their SACRED National Health Service into Caring, Loving Hands, where it's value and importance is NEVER diminished, nor 'sold off', nor destroyed, because, you see, TRUE Strong and Stable leaders KNOW that our Welfare State and National Health Service rose, like The Phoenix, from The Ashes of The Second World War, that they are both The Samson's Hair of The British People....They are what keeps us STRONG and RESPECTED around the world.  Neither is to be taken advantage of, ever, but also, neither is EVER to be destroyed.

The Devil's Own Christians WILL destroy both.  Indeed, they are already doing this, almost there now.

So, please, think deeply, VERY DEEPLY, when you vote in this general election, because you truly will be voting for those who have The Values of The Devil and those who have The Values of Jesus.....

May The Devil take his own, down, down, deeper and down, back to The Fires of Hell....

And may poor ol' Jesus be delivered from The Prayers of The Vicar's Daughter, forever.

This is THE most IMPORTANT ELECTION in my 62 years.  Please, please, make sure you vote for GOOD, not for **more** EVIL

























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