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The Diary Of A Pensionless Pensioner

The Diary Of A Pensionless Pensioner

The Descent Into Hell of just one of the millions of The 1950s Women who've been denied their pensions, without due notice, for SIX YEARS by UK government under David Cameron and George Osborne

Of Moving, Mayhem and Means Testing

To read all chapters of this Ever Increasing Hell, go to the 'Home' page, scroll down and start with 'Heartbreak', then work up.

So, Labour have now come up with a way to help us, BUT, it will only help SOME of us and even then, it will keep many of us in hell.

They say they want to extend Pension Credit to those of us who should already be pensioners now, but who are drowning, whilst this vile Tory Oligarchy holds us under.

Thus, they want to give us £155 per week. 

(Men used to get Pension Credit of similar amounts from the age of 60, when our age was 60, if they lost their jobs.  They were allowed to remain on this amount (made up to be almost as much as *their* state pension would have been back then, until they reached their (then) pension age of 65 if they could not find a job. At present, men can still claim this from current women's pension age of 63 at present)

HOWEVER, they want to means test this for we 1950s women, to help the most needy.

"Wonderful, Lizzie!", I hear you cry...."This will help you, Lizzie!", you shout with joy.....


Read on....

You see, I'm in the process of trying to move home. I have to because I can't afford to stay here. I'm trying to do this on a wing, a prayer and a credit card, when the time comes. I've discovered 'No Sale No Fee' conveyancers (phew!) and will abandon getting a survey done on future home, as no money for that.

Now, if I had my pension, none of what you are about to read would be happening to me, but heyho, Shit Happens Because Of Shit-Filled Politicians Who Don't Give A Shit About Anyone But Themselves...

I'm trying to find somewhere that costs less money, thus, it will give ME money in the bank, as all my very meagre savings have gone in trying to keep my head above water this past year and a half of being a PensionlessPensioner.

"GREAT, LIZZIE!!...you exlaim in Orgasmic Delight for me, for other women in the same boat going through this too....


Keep reading...............

You see, ANYTHING I make on the sale of my home which is ONE PENNY above £5,999.00 means that I will have to change from Income Related ESA to Contribution Based ESA....and this, of course, means yet MORE deeply stressful phone calls to The DWP, where yet again Vivaldi will freak me out with his bloody music, which once, I loved, as I hang on for ages, waiting, waiting, waiting...

I will lose around God Knows HOW Much

Here are some of the rules....which are as Thick as Shit to me....(yes, there's Shit all around me in this blog, trust me)



"Your income and savings

Your income may affect your income-related or contribution-based ESA. Income can include:

  • you and your partner’s income
  • savings over £6,000
  • pension income

You won’t qualify for income-related ESA if you have savings over £16,000."


Well, I sure am 'safe' on the 'pension income' not affecting me, as of course, I ain't got my bloody pension, it having been embezzled by Crooks Posing As Politicians!

Apparently, if you have savings between £6,000 and £16,000 they remove a certain amount of money every week, depending on the amount, this, I assume, decreasing in amount as your savings decrease.

SO, this means that ANY profit above their stated amount, which I might make from selling my flat, will actually NOT be mine at all, as it would if I had my pension, for you see, I either have to live on a reduced amount of ESA, which means I'll have to USE such savings to SURVIVE, making up the shortfall/total lack of ESA entirely, possibly, OR, I have to SPEND every penny of it, until I've got the amount of whatever I might make, down to £5,999.00, rather than being able to just keep it in the bank and make a meagre profit from it over the years, to help keep me safe in The Years To Come...

It will ALSO mean that whilst I'm PRESENTLY eligible for Labour's idea of being given £155.00 a week, under being means-tested, I WON'T be, if I make over the amount of profit allowed as savings, thus meaning I have to go BACK on to ESA ALL OVER AGAIN, being put through the whole FECKING PROCESS, all over again, which has ALREADY given me scars SO DEEP that they will NEVER leave me, for the rest of my life.....

Thus, good-hearted people are actually causing me (and many others) even more stress, because perhaps they do not understand just how tightly The Feckers have stitched up The System...

WITH my pension, I'd keep EVERY PENNY of ANY PROFIT I could make and would NOT be on ESA in the first place!  Yes, REALLY!  The most that would happen to me would be that it would affect my 'right' to the Pension Credit top-up you're currently given if State Pension is ALL you have to survive on (Yup, that's me, folks) and you have the correct amount of NI contributions, etc...(44 yrs for me)

Moving home all on it's own is one of the most stressful things in life, so they say, but trying to do this whilst on ESA, with no savings, knowing that any profit you make will actually plunge you further INTO hell and any savings above £5,999.00 are GONE, because you have to make up the shortfall in reduced ESA...well, that just brings you to either Curling Up In A Ball Never Wanting To Uncurl stage...OR...'Falling Down' stage, a la Michael Douglas, where a once decent and loving human being is driven to behaving in ways that are totally alien to him, because he 'cracked' under the pressure of Complete And Utter Bastards Fucking Up His Life....

I'd rather be the first one, as I'm not the sort to carry off the Uzi Submachine Gun look very well...

ALL I want is fecking PEACE! 

ALL I want is my fecking, FECKING STATE PENSION!

ALL I want is my Free Bus Pass, (I don't drive) so I can go rolling round the country for nothing...ENJOYING myself, if I can ever remember what JOY actually IS!

ALL I want is my Winter Fuel Allowance, so I no longer have to bloody FREEZE half to DEATH, whilst Older-Than-Me-Millionaires BURN their WFA not needing a PENNY of it...and laughing as they do so, no doubt.

ALL I want is Fecking JUSTICE!!

I don't want 'Transition' because that's FECKING INSULTING and HEINOUSLY WRONG, for our 'contract' was that we'd get our pensions AT 60 and we KNEW this for over 55 years, longer, in some cases, because we had NO REASON WHATSOEVER to EVER, in our Wildest Nightmares EVER believe that this would EVER change....and of course, all together now, The Fecking Feckers didn't even BOTHER to inform us!!

These Feckingly Evil Feckers, starting with John Major and KEN CLARKE (A MILLION SPITS BE UPON HIM!)...are ALL guilty of Gross Negligence Manslaughter, in my view, and they should be fully investigated for this, then charged, tried and flung into prison for what they've KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY done to us!

I actually have NO Swear Word profane enough to describe them all...

So, you see, Labour, Means-Testing us does NOT help. It just add yet ANOTHER Deep Anxiety upon our shoulders...and whilst I really do appreciate your help in this, I need you all to understand just how tightly they've stitched us up here, just how rancid and evil this entire system has now become....

Also, I've been means-tested to within an inch of my life already (see my 'Furious Fury' blog) for Council Tax, JSA and ESA, answered so many questions, had to justify myself, shed so many tears of deep anger and mountainous frustration and RAGE, that I don't think I could ever do this again, let alone knowing that IF the sale of my flat goes through, I'll be right back at square one, watching any £savings I've managed to make be taken from me, all over again....

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....maybe I am at 'Falling Down' stage after all.................

I just want PEACE and what is RIGHTFULLY **MINE**

I'm so, SO tired and exhausted by all this Mayhem...I'll take it with me to my grave, as will all other women thus affected, for our wounds will NEVER heal.....

With deep anxiety, as ever



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Julie 11/25/2016 00:06

I am disgusted that we are being treated this way Lizzie, we have been treated appallingly. We live live our lives as best we can only to be lied to and well and fecked by those who simply dont' give a blueberry. Hang on in their. I'm hoping that the UN report will go further and that some sort of action can be taken. xx