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The Diary Of A Pensionless Pensioner

The Diary Of A Pensionless Pensioner

The Descent Into Hell of just one of the millions of The 1950s Women who've been denied their pensions, without due notice, for SIX YEARS by UK government under David Cameron and George Osborne

Vivaldi and Robot Woman, I can take NO MORE!

(Please see 2 previous blogs - links under this blog - to understand the outrage and anger behind why I've become A Raging, Out-of-Control, Blood-Curdling, Obscenity-Riddled, Spitting Harridan, due to my pension being denied for SIX YEARS (SIX fecking YEARS!) without ANY Official Informing to a single woman from the 1950s!)

Yes, it HAD to happen, didn't it, my Sick Note Renewal Date falls on bloody May Bank Holiday Monday!

I rang my doctor's surgery up a few days back, as, never having had a Sick Note before, I did not know the procedure and my original sick note was issued on Monday, 4th April for 4 weeks.

Apparently, you CANNOT order a sick note in advance, nor can a GP issue one in advance. However, I'd been told to ring the surgery today. So, I did...went through the whole thing again with them, after having to wait for ages for them to answer, due to them being so busy...She told me that she'd ensure this was ordered for me, but not until Tuesday and that it then takes 48 hours for the sick note to then be issued, after which, I should take it to the Job Centre, as that's the quickest way to get it sent, for they scan it in. So, that's another £4.70 on the bus to town...which is now, all together, Half A Day's Money for *anyone* on ESA or JSA. (!!)

Because I was deeply concerned that this delay was cutting it SO fine, nay, actually overlapping the 4 weeks, by 3 days..that my hard fought for £10 A Day (!!) would suddenly Disappear Without Trace, I felt it was best to ring The DWP again as my Anxiety Levels (which I never used to have before I became a Pensionless Pensioner) are at permanent 'Oh, FUCKFUCKFUCKITYFUCK!' level now.

I'm SO tired of this, that I need to bring this out for everyone to see, for this is what we ALL have to go through every time we need to contact The DWP these days, young, old, sick, disabled, poor, pensionless pensioners, all shoved into this Hope Extracting Machine of Iain Duncan-Smith (a POX be upon him!)

HERE is what you get on the Automated Phone System, when you phone The DWP and get Robot Woman talking to you.:

"We are currently experiencing high call volumes

Welcome to Job Centre Plus, part of The Department for Work & Pensions

Please be aware this call may incur a charge.

You will be charged at the rate set by your service provider

This number is for benefit enquiries only

If your call is concerning a payment and you are not due to receive it yet, please wait until the date of payment and if there is *still* an issue, please call back on this number.

To help us answer your query as quickly as possible, please have your reference or National Insurance number ready and any personal details to hand.

Your call may be monitored or recorded for legal and training purposes and to help us improve our services.


To direct your call to the right place, I'll need to know *why* you are calling today.

So, tell me, in a few words, what's the *reason* for your call?"

Me: 'To explain about possible Sick Note delay'

Robot Woman: 'About providing medical evidence, is that right?"

Me: "Yes"

Robot Woman: "OK, and which benefit is this for? ESA, JSA, Income Support, Incapacity Benefit? Or, say "It's for something else"

Me: "ESA"

Or, if you say nothing then Robot Woman says:

"You can say things like; "I didn't get my Jobseeker's Allowance payment", or, "To check if you got my medical evidence"

So, what's the reason for your call?


Let's try another way.

Please use your telephone's keypad to pick an option:

For ESA, press 1

JSA, press 2

Income Support, press 3

Incapacity Benefit, press 4

To notify us of someone who has died, press 5

Or, for anything else, press 6

Thank you.

If you have recently sent us medical evidence, such as a sick note, we will contact you as soon as we have dealt with it. Please leave 9 working days from the date you sent the evidence before you contact us for an update.

Please hold if you need to speak to an agent

We are sorry, all our agents are busy with other calls

Thank you for waiting, please continue to hold and we will answer your call as soon as possible

Or, you may prefer to call back later

Our opening times are 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday

We are normally less busy between 8 and 9am, so you may like to call back then

Alternatively, to look for work, or other job centre plus services, including which benefits or tax credits you or your family may be entitled to, please access our website at www.direct.gov.uk

Please hold and your call will be answered as soon as possible

And THEN...CUE FECKING VIVALDI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are sorry, but all our Customer Service Agents are busy at the moment.

Please hold and we will answer your call as soon as possible...."

Do you remember The Old Days & The Old Ways?

"Good Morning, DWP, how may I help?"

You tell them

"Of course, madam, please hold the line whilst I put you through to the correct department."

And THAT was IT, that was ALL that happened, just a short exchange with the main operator, and off you went, into the Correct Department..Blood pressure normal, thinking capacity normal...depression NOT raging OUT of control....

Of course, NONE of this should be happening, because I and millions of other 1950s women SHOULD have our PENSIONS, but government fouled it up, included us in the Unincludeable, caused CHAOS with 'Gradual Transitions' of SIX YEARS (!!!) and worst of all, NEVER EVEN BOTHERED TO BLOODY WELL INFORM A SINGLE ONE OF US of the HELL that was waiting for us when we got to 60!


Contracted OUT = Contracted IN too...for you CANNOT be CONTRACTED Out WITHOUT being CONTRACTED In, in the first place!

Government BROKE their contract with us, in EVERY way.

It HAS to be HIGHLY Illegal....and it is, for SURE, Morally Corrupt/Bankrupt

AGAIN, EVERY woman promised her pension would be at 60, MUST be allowed to take it AT 60 and the CRIMINALS who have put us in this terrible place, should be arrested and brought to trial.

Do NOT just meekly accept YOUR pension age being increased and increased, and increased again. FIGHT with everything you have to stop these monsters from doing what they are doing to so many generations now. OUR money should NOT be being spent on THEIR Insane Projects, it should be being spent on us, We, The People, whom they are SUPPOSED to be SERVING, and NOT STEALING from!

Wake UP, my beloved country, PLEASE, WAKE UP!

Lizzie - A Pensionless Pensioner

PS: Please google - The WASPI Campaign - to find out more

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