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The Diary Of A Pensionless Pensioner

The Diary Of A Pensionless Pensioner

The Descent Into Hell of just one of the millions of The 1950s Women who've been denied their pensions, without due notice, for SIX YEARS by UK government under David Cameron and George Osborne

The FURIOUS Fury Of A Pensionless Pensioner

All is NOT well here in PensionlessPensionerLand, NOT well at ALL, for The Brutal Oligarchy now controlling the UK, my *once* BELOVED COUNTRY, not content with forcing me into Poverty & Penury by STEALING my pension for SIX FECKING YEARS, is now going to check up on me because I have DARED to ask for help with my Council Tax, having only ESA to live on now, (that's pennies over £10 a DAY for EVERYTHING in my life!)

My previous blog, explaining what these BASTARDS have done to The 1950s Women:


Oligarchy: "A small group of people having control of a country or organization"

I'm yet again, at age 61, sitting here with SMOKE coming out of my soul! I can barely SIT DOWN, let alone sit STILL, such is the FURIOUS Fury burning within me!

HERE is what is NOW happening to me:

I've been a Carer for the past 15 years to Nanny, my now ex-mother-in-law, (now ended)

Up until April 2013 ALL Carers, and all others of working age on very low incomes, were totally exempt from paying Council Tax. (quite rightly too) But then, Oligarchs R Us decided that EVERYONE must pay at least 20%, throwing many over The Precipice Of Penury, without care, thought, guilt or shame.

Councils had a limited amount of money to help us...and to apply for help you had to....wait for it...fill out ANOTHER Fecking Form (see previous blog link, above)

THIS form wants to know where EVERY PENNY of your money goes, so they ask you how much you spend on food, clothes, presents, holidays (Holiday? WTF is a HOLIDAY?), drinking, smoking, GAMBLING (I kid thee not!), toiletries, car, etc.etc.etc.etc.....alongside them wanting to know what other money you might have coming in, bank accounts, savings, benefits, etc......

You then send the form off. They USED to help you fill it all in down in the council offices, but they've stopped that (heck, that was HELPING PEOPLE and Britain no longer HELPS The Scourge of The Nation, the POOR, Carers, The Sick, Disabled or Older People)

Well, for the past 2 years, I've been granted full exemption from Council Tax, due to my financial circumstances as a Carer...

I re-applied....as the moment they found out I was no longer a Carer, I was sent an updated bill, which was odd, as I was now on LESS money than before...but heyho, I filled it in..and got a letter back saying I'd be granted the Hardship Grant...and I heaved another sigh of relief, whilst also feeling SO ANGRY that I was having to do this all over again ONLY because I have had my PENSION STOLEN until 2021

I dared to let a teensy part of my stress go....


A few days after having had copious paperwork from my council telling me I'd be helped, ANOTHER LETTER arrived, this time telling me I was going to be 'visited' by someone from the Visitors Team, who was going to come to my home (!!!??!!!) and wanted to see identification of who I am, alongside 3 months worth of my bank statements and a whole pile of other documents..most of which did not apply to me.

Truly, did Hitler WIN but I've just been under some kind of gross misapprehension all these years?

Well, I rang 'The Visitor' and explained that I was very upset that the council were going to come into my home....She was very kind...but again, The System Of Insanity isn't....She said she'd be very quick, would take photos of my bank statements (how kind!)...

I put the phone down, burst into tears...feeling watched, monitored..and as if I'd fallen inside Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty Four'.....

Then....I dried my tears...and felt my Darlin' Dad, who fought for this country, the country he SO loved, 'close by'......(Dad was born in 1914, died 27 years back, but I draw on his strength every day)

So, I rang The Mayor's secretary...(he's head of the council...owns 15 homes, 2 fields and a couple of garages and thinks it's perfectly fine to spend £20,000 on just ONE palm tree!)...I started to explain...but the stress of being A Pensionless Pensioner..and the anger of that, took over..and out came the damn tears again! 20 minutes later, after I'd poured my heart out to her, the phone rang again...it was The Visitor, who'd been contacted by the kind lassie who's 'He Who Owns Fifteen Houses' secretary...She said she'd now NOT need to come and visit me...and that she'd need 3 months of my son's wage slips and to check on when I stopped being a Carer..and that would suffice....She was very kind.

My rage though, is that I feel utterly persecuted because I've been a Carer....because I have CARED for others all my life!

The ONLY reason I applied for Council Tax help in the first place is because Bloody Unfeeling Bastards R Us, had dictated that people who CANNOT afford to even LIVE on the 'benefit' they are begrudgingly handed out, should be FURTHER TORTURED by now HAVING to pay Council Tax!

Let's say that the average amount now required for Council Tax from The Poor is around £20/£25 a month. Now, this is peanuts to many and about a nano-second's salary to Millionaire Ministers, but it means, every single week, the deduction of HALF A DAY's MONEY, (this being around £10.40 a day, FOR EVERYTHING needed IN LIFE) for those on ESA/JSA

The ONLY reason I had to YET AGAIN apply for help is because I am now a PENSIONLESS PENSIONER in Fecking Penury for probably the next FIVE YEARS, unless I can find a job that isn't Zero Hours, or Zero Wages, or Zero Interest, where I have to make some Corporate Bastard even MORE money whilst he sits on his Helipad Yacht, stealing the pensions of his Slave Staff.

Truly, are these Political People getting some sort of Sadistic Pleasure out of all this? Do they sit down at their Ministerial Desks with Orgasmic Smiles on their faces each morning as they work out new ways to punish us, to torture us? Do they spend their lunches laughing and chuckling over their latest Cruel Moves?

Fifty Shades Of Sadism - Life Under Tory Rule in 2016

Duncan Smith, the most brutal of them all, in my view, is now trying to turn himself into a HERO, telling the world how he packed in his job because he could not bear to make any more cuts to the sick, the disabled, the vulnerable!


This man should, in my opinion, be taken to trial for Crimes Against Humanity for what he has done, for there are MILLIONS of us now who are SO depressed, SO desperate, so BROKEN, that we don't know which way to turn. We are made to feel TERRIBLE about ourselves...we feel society hates us, for he's worked SO HARD to turn people against those at the bottom, as have Cameron and Osborne...

Now, they're working hard to turn Young Against Old, turning Pensioners into The New Hate Targets....telling youngsters that we are destroying their lives whilst they increase their pension ages, by throwing darts at a board, perhaps, plucking out 68/69/70/75/86 as it suits their Jolly Japes, knowing their own pensions are VAST and protected for life and can be taken at 60.....

As to we 1950s women, (the 60s women too) sent to HELL, govt never even BOTHERING to inform a single one of usof HUGE pension age increases, well, WE are being SMEARED and Lied about, made out to be the most SELFISH of SELFISH Bitches, by Tory Politicians and the Private Pensions Industry, in the NASTIEST Smear Campaign I've ever seen on the internet.

ALL of this is now happening to me (and countless others) PURELY BECAUSE MY PENSION HAS BEEN STOLEN by the British Government!

It is happening to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of women born in my era...so many are already now ill, can't think straight from Worry, Anxiety and Depression. I would imagine that MANY have already died from the stress of all this, or even by their own hands, ALL HOPE GONE, feeling they could struggle on no more

GEEZUS!!!! WHAT has my country become?

ALL who were told they'd retire at 60 should be allowed to retire AT 60.

NEVER, EVER, in my entire 61 years have I EVER known such an EVIL, PERSECUTING regime.

These idiots, these DANGEROUS idiots, are NOT LEADERS!

TRUE chiefs, you see, would DIE for their people, they truly would. They live AS their People live, no barriers, no 'rich and poor', just The People with their Caring Chief to lead them, to protect them, to fight for them, with them....

SO MANY of we 1950s women, and the sick, the disabled, the vulnerable are now in the same state, I am NOT the only one by far, but I can write it out on behalf of them ALL, for this IS what is happening to us all...

Duncan Smith, the man who STARTED this, said, just the other day, that The Tories need to be seen as being More Compassionate. HA! Is this man for REAL? Has he been checked out for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I wonder? For Sociopathic Disorder? Or, worse, Psychopathic Disorder? The man does NOT, in my view, know the MEANING of COMPASSION!

Arbeit Macht Frei! Arbeit Macht Frei Arbeit Macht Frei!

Iain Goes To Auschwitz - Yes, TRULY:


Then, he came home. And lo and behold, one of the most brutal, cruel and unforgiving non-welfare states ever known in my lifetime, came into being, where many people are now being left without money, sanctioned, assessed, thrown into HELL, basically.

I read a comment the other day of a man who is on the Autism Spectrum. He'd failed his assessment and had been horrified to read what had been said about him afterwards. During the assessment, he was so scared that he'd sat stock still for most of it, other than when he leant forward to accept some tissues from his assessor, for he'd started to cry. He discovered she'd written down that he could sit still on his chair and that both his arms and hands seemed to be working OK when he'd taken the tissues. He'd thought it was a 'human to human' thing, you see, being offered those tissues, but no, it was all being monitored....

I will be thus monitored if they decide to assess me, and I can almost guarantee they will, for 'depression' to such people, means NOTHING, as you can walk, you see...and hell, if you can walk, stand, etc, then that's all that's needed to stick you on the production line, they don't care if you can't even find a production line to be stuck on TO.

Ye Gods And Little Fishes, but WHAT HAVE WE ALLOWED to happen?!

SO many are now suicidal...........

GROSS NEGLIGENCE MANSLAUGHTER - Where people KNOW that what they are doing is very likely to cause death, but they carry on doing it....

This government KNOW. They KNOW, yet STILL they continue on!


I'm getting to the point where I don't want to open letters, don't want to go out. Shops are now my enemy. I hang on until the fridge is as low as it has to get before going out to buy food...because that means spending money...I'm so SICK of searching for the orange labels on food, the 'reduced' labels that is, of having only the food I can afford, not the food I actually want....and tired of The Cheapest Toilet Paper too...OUCH!

Anyway, now I have to wait to see if I am going to be allowed to have help with my council tax or not...because despite being told I could have this, it now all rests with The Visitor's Investigation of me....and the reason they are doing this is because I've applied for help before, the only reason that I applied for help in the first place being due to govt changing the rules, imploding the lives of the poorest people, whilst protecting their Banker/Millionaire friends....

I'm terribly tired....desperately so now...and so tired of feeling watched, monitored, assessed....

Peace is War and War is Peace....

The Ministry of Ministers is OUT OF CONTROL and regard themselves now as Our MASTERS and NOT Public Servants.

O Come All Ye, ye Police, Firefighters, Doctors, Nurses, PensionlessPensioners, Teachers, Disabled, Poor, Sick, Vulnerable (we'll look after you) - for THE DIVINE RIGHT OF TORIES has to be ended...and FAST!

Rise up, Britain, TOGETHER, for UNITED we Stand.

Lizzie - A Pensionless Pensioner.

PS: Links to other blogs are below. 'The Heartbreak of a Pensionless Pensioner' is the first blog written, which explains the terrible stress so many of we 1950s women are now being forced to endure.

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Hilary 04/28/2016 22:47

Go to the CAB.
They will help and fill the forms for you. They did for me.
Also use your MP or your Assembly Member to appeal for you.
I did this and now have a better amount to live on-not brilliant, but workable. I'm 62 by the way and same problems. All the best.